Albania: travel and enjoy the beauty of Albania

In southern region of the Europe, Albania is a little fashionable country. This place is home of the ancient archaeological sites and several castles including the beautiful beaches and natural scenic flora and fauna. This hill country is also surrounded with the sheet of beautiful scenic mountains. The most famous Alps of Albania is major attention seeker of the visitors for its picturesque beauty. Your choice for the Albania holidays can be the best to spend some peaceful and wonderful days in this country. Many of the people from the far off countries take pleasure to visit beautiful Albania while the living locals are friendly and heartily greet their guests.  This country has natural beauty all around by the plants and flowers that results to enhance beauty of this place even more.


Make your trip

Albania rugged coastline and traditional beaches are nestled golden beaches and isolated bays which are lapped by the turquoise water. There are many pleasing picturesque and breath taking spots that you would surely like to visit. You will surely enjoy the fresh sea food, landscape, islands, secluded pebble beach, marvelous sunsets and pristine sandy beaches. You can find many beautiful destinations and beaches while you plan to visit Albania. Many of the online trip planners are also available for your convenience so that they provide you all the facilities regarding accommodations, hotels, beaches resorts, hidden places and even transportation facilities in highly reduced prices.

Know about some of the best Albania beaches resort that is known for its beauty and destination spots.

  • Ksamil

There are only some of the sandy beaches in the country while many of the beaches can also charge some admission fee as they are privately owned. Many of the people come to Albania during the summer as ksamil offers most exiting day excursion. Just off shore there are three islands that make fantastic boat ride and swim through peaceful turquoise water.

  • The blue eye

This will surely capture your imagination as it is one of the natural wonder. The blue eye is popular tourist attraction while you can see river pebbles and the clear blue water. This area around the spring season is full of sycamore trees and old oak. If you are planning for trip to Albania then you should definitely visit here to enjoy fullest natural nature of this place.

  • Activities to do in Albania

There are many more interesting activities to do in Albania that you can enjoy with your family and friends. You will surely like to go in the Albania Alps while it is popularly known for its skiing destination. You can experience the excitement and thrill of skiing old fashioned slopes that are not hand packed and hand crafted. Many of the peaks due to its high altitude offer skiing to be available for all around the year. You can also perform other activities like mountain climbing, trekking, swimming and long rides while one should not forget to experience local traditional food and culture.

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