5 Ice Climbing Tips for Beginners

Ice climbing is a great winter sport. Ice climbing can be the most exciting yet difficult type of climbing. Many people will tell you their stories of how difficult it was to ice climb for the first time. But never let others fearing statements stop you from having this experience. You should prepare yourself by having the best ice climbing equipment and these 5 ice climbing pro tips for beginners:

  1. Pick the right gear: Take a moment to think about which gear you should essentially have. Here are a few things that you will need.
  • Helmet: You probably have these items already if you are a rock climber (or a wall climber).
  • Boots: Your boots should have traction or spikes to support your movement on the ice.
  • Ice tools: You need a set of special tools to climb on the ice such as crampons and ice picks.
  • Climber’s rope: Usually the same ropes that you use for rock climbing will work for ice climbing.
  • Backpack: As with any kind of climbing, a backpack is essential to pack some additional stuff such as a pair of extra clothing and food.

ice climbing equipment

  1. Learn roping:Take a few lessons with your hopes before you go ice climbing. Spend time with people who know ice climbing and talk with them about how they manage their ropes.
  2. Have clothes that offer good insulation:Ice climbing is performed in winter and you can only enjoy it if you are wearing warm and insulated clothing. Nobody wants to go shivering in the rice and lie down the rest days of cold. Ideally, you should have several layers of clothing. You can always take off the extra layers if the temperature changes or you heated up.
  3. Watch out for danger:Ice rocks can break up during climbing. Therefore, you should wear your helmet all times. Look out for symbols and signs. If someone from your team is pointing about an approaching danger. If ice is falling down, never look up. Instead try to move to the left or right as required.
  4. Have enough food: Due to unfriendly weather conditions, you need to stock for food and snacks that do not require heating. Arrange your backpack and stock up for at least 3-4 extra days.

Give yourself time to prepare both mentally and physically. You will soon fall in love with a new chilling sport.


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