Visit the Beautiful Barbados

The island of Barbados has so much to see and do per square mile. If you are looking to go on vacation, this is a great spot. Cheap flights to Barbados are easy to come by and will not cost you an arm and a leg. Some of the sites to see and activities you can delve into, whether you are there for a day or more include:

The Flower Forest

Nature lovers will get a thrill out of visiting the Island. In the Barbados Scotland District which is 750 feet above sea level, there is a 7-acre wild garden to explore.Barbados is a year round destination with travel also available all year round, and so are the flowers in this garden.

It, therefore, does not matter when you plan on visiting.There is an informal café within the area for snacks and lunches in case you want to have a makeshift picnic. Additionally, the garden offers a beautiful view of Chalky Mount and the East Coast.


Harrison Cave

Once you land on the island, one of the places to visit is Harrison cave. This crystallised limestone structure has beautiful white stones adorned by speleothems. It has clear water in deep pools and streams flowing in and out of it. It is one of Barbados’ main attractions.


Atlantis Submarines Adventures

If you are only on the island for oa day, you have to go on a submarine adventure. This underwater expedition is family friendly especially for those who have children. You get to learn about the ocean environment and see some of the fish in their natural habitat.

Barbados Cuisine

You cannot visit a new place without trying out their food. Barbados offers a wide range of local cuisine and sea food variations. You can visit different restaurants and cafes to sample this cuisine. This is a fun activity that does not require you to plan ahead. You can get into a restaurant or stop by a street stand on your way from one location to another within your itinerary.

Queen’s Park

Queen’s Park is home to the great baobab tree which is one of the largest in the island. It looks like it has been plucked from a story book and perched in the park. It takes 15 adults to cover the circumference of the trunk with their arms stretched wide.

Garrison Savannah

This historic military base is one of the sites to explore in Barbados. It houses Matthias Church, the Savannah Race Course and St. Ann’s Fort. You can also participate in some sporting activities within the race course.

Barbados is such a beautiful island to explore. Before you take a visit, it is important to make a plan: look into the best flights to Barbados, book hotels in advance and organise an itinerary for your visit. This kind of planning helps you to maximise on what the island has to offer. Try not to squeeze everything into one trip. You don’t need to see the whole island in one visit. You can always plan another trip.