Fountains Of Bellagio With Its Mystic Beauty


Las Vegas is not just known for housing some of the best casinos in the world, but also for its exquisite beauty revolving around modern technology. Well, this place is the home of fountains of Bellagio; defined as an amazing tourist hotspot. Not just attracting the tourists, but this fountain has the power to awe the residents, as well. This vast water body is well choreographed with lights and music. The main aim is to provide a unique experience to the people around. It is known for hosting some daily performances, which take place at Bellagio Hotel. People are able to see its beauty from multiple vantage points on Strip.


More about the shows:

So, without any further wastage of time, it is mandatory for you to know a bit more about the shows. The fountains of Bellagio shows take place during the afternoon and in some earlier evening moments. These shows are known to take place every hour. And after 8 PM, the shows start to occur frequently within every fifteen minutes. The shows are set to continue till midnight. However, during holidays, the schedule is adhered, which solely depends on the time, when the shows are about to take place. Once you have taken a glimpse of this fountain, you will know the reason behind its growing importance.

Amazing songs to go with it:

Just to enhance the entertain quotient to a completely new level, this fountain features some amazing songs, along with the lights. There are multiple songs played with the water movements. Some examples are “Tome to say goodbye”, “God Bless the USA” and more. The fountainis situated on an eight acre of land. The water over here is serviced regularly with the help of freshwater well. There are some incredible options available and the lights and music together will create a perfect scene, which you will never forget.

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